CD: 14 Tracks + Bonusvideoclip


    1. Timewarp ahead
    2. Never lose the Boost
    3. Saturday Night Victim
    4. Wanker
    5. On the Run
    6. The Past
    7. Rhythm´n´Boost
    8. Fuer Arne
    9. Knock out
    10. We stay
    11. Waitingroom of Death
    12. Dirty Lie
    13. Your Choice (live)
    14. Toroech in Schwadde (live)

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  • timewarp ahead
    saturday night victim
    we stay



    hey my love where have you been
    haven´t seen ya´ since I don´t know when
    hey my lady, still in love with you
    been on a bad trip, now I´m feeling blue

    hey my love I sold my soul,
    sold my soul for bad-time Rock´n´Roll
    tears and trouble all along the track
    lost in dead-end maze but now I´m back

    blinded by a billion beams drowning into silent agony
    silence spits me out again, now I´m standing in the rain and see
    I never lie down and die, standing to the very last try.