• "DES BOOSTAZ" (1999)
    7" farb. Vinyl: 4 Tracks


    1. Your Choice
    2. City for Sale
    3. New Age Kingdom
    4. Moonlighting

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  • new age kingdom



    do you see those lurid neon logos shining above
    on the roofs of the companies castles?
    like banners of the new-age-kingdoms shining above
    branded in your brain by the advertising vassals

    underneath, underneath - you crawl underneath
    from the executive floors they watch you crawl underneath

    you´re on jobhunt sneak along company´s door
    the personal department down there on 1st floor
    where they practise modern art of humiliation
    let you cream your pants while they read your application

    underneath ...

    back at home you ask yourself :"is it really worthy ?"
    but the pack of bills just show you that you´re really at their mercy
    and you know that unemployed you´re nothing but a runaway slave
    waiting in row at the bureaucratic slaughterhouse until your cave

    now they´ve got you wrapped around the toe
    now they´ve got you - the game can begin
    the stake´s your body and your time, but you´ll never win
    compete! denounce! struggle and fall!
    just to pass their time they let you climb and crawl

    underneath, underneath climb and crawl underneath
    lick their shoes, lick their shoes you´re a licker on the loose

    unempoyed - runaway slave waiting in row until you cave ..